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The Danish Data Archive


The Danish Data Archive (DDA) is the national social science data archive. DDA is primaily used by researchers and students wanting access to data materials created by Danish researchers or about Denmark.

DDA is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and dissemination of (primarily) quantitative data created by researchers from three fields:

  • social science

  • health science

  • history

Through an agreement with the Danish Data Protection Agency DDA preserves data materials containing personal identifiers. Data and the personal identifiers are stored separately and a special permit is required for access to the data. If not archived at DDA,  the data materials would and should have been destroyed.

DDA is an active participant in the international co-operation to define standards for metadata documentation - the Data Documentation Initiative. DDA has always used standards for documenting the data materials and this also allows us to deliver data materials at a very short notice and to facilitate the re-analysis of the data materials.


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